The Howling Wolves

My family and friends forced me away as they quickly learned. I was not quite human anymore.

It took about three weeks for laycaon to find me, sleeping on the streets, and introduce me to my new family, Lycaon had seeked me out for reasons I still don't understand. The howling Wolves were relatively small in population, only around 7,000 walked the earth, but they were mighty in the impact they had on the world.

There is a distinct hierarchy in the Howling Wolves. Lycaon is our leader, the first of our kind, the Omega. His first disciples became the ruling class of the Howling Wolves. They’re known as the Alphas, Betas and Redwolves. Most of the ruling class began their lives in ancient times, during the beginning of modern civilization.

The early days of the Howling Wolves caused there to be hundreds of thousands running around causing havoc. Over the years the population has died out due to war and internal strife.

You can tell us apart by our unique characteristics. We all have different clothing, faces, eyes and body types. Different ranks of Howling Wolves live in contrasting homes and environments, we boast different treasures and trinkets.

The ruling class wears clothing fitting to their rank - extravagant outfits, brightly colored hats and gloves made of exotic materials. They also like to carry around symbols of their status like scepters, jewels and famous works of art. These high level Howling Wolves prefer to spend their time in exclusive vacation spots, famous museums and unforgettable landmarks.

Some of the more common Howling Wolves tend to wear common clothing like suits and ties or regular streetwear that you see in any city nowadays.

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GEt the Facts


Howlingwolves NFT is based on staking platform the site allows users to digitize and list NFTs for auction/direct sale, as well as stake nft's for token that can be exchange daily. It benefits both the sellers and the buyers/collectors in the long run.

Howling wolves growth is based on a few core principles, addressing some of the most pressing challenges in the NFT industry, such as liquidity and trading capabilities. These are some of the reasons why the platform has gained so much traction in the crypto community.

As with many NFT projects, community members have questions over the sustainability of the projects alongside some of its key features. Here are some frequently asked questions about the Howlingwolves NFT:

Yes, unstaked NFT's will be burned this is an irreversible process.

Holders can stake their NFT's for daily Lyacon token which can be exchange for usdc, Holders will receive airdrop next gen version of Howling Wolves and be able to participate in montly raffles

15% fund raised would be used for liquidity in tokens and for further growth of Howling Wolves

NFTs can be resold on the secondary market in the same way that any other asset can. To do just that, ensure the NFT in question is in your crypto wallet and listed for sale on your preferred marketplace.

The team will be available on Discord if you have any questions

NFTs that are unstaked will be burned at intervals, which effectively decreases the total supply available.

our team

creature of night

Sunny is our project developer, and an early crypto enthusiast! He started his crypto mining and trading journey in 2018, and has explored NFTs since the beginning of 2021.

creature of night

Natasha is our marketing and social media manager, who helps us run campaigns and scout for meaningful collaborations that bring mutual value. As the forefront of socials, she is our bridge of communication between our team and our community.

creature of night

Armin is an artist and designer with many years of experience who shares a global perspective after traveling all around the world. In embodying this worldwide mindset, our art team aims to bring iconic monuments from all around the world to our project with attention to details and trait variations to bridge the Web3 world with our IRL universe.